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5 Best Contouring Makeup Brushes and Applicators

by Elisabeth Stummer January 20, 2018

5 Best Contouring Makeup Brushes and Applicators

Are you looking to upgrade your Instagram game face? Perhaps the very legacy of perfectly prepped selfies, contouring is the face shaping hack with magnetizing prowess…which put simply, we can’t get enough of.

And whilst a good workman never blames his tools, a worship worthy sculptured cheekbone is easier to achieve with a little help from your new friends below. 

It is time to strobe and structure, strictly never stripy.

Oval 6 Brush by MAC

If you take your cue from professional makeup artists, properly polished looks are only achievable with a vast array of brushes. Yet a stroke of genius from MAC, means this multi-tasking Oval 6 Brush may be the only thing needed for heightened selfie inducing powers.

The dense fibres of the Oval 6 Brush stealthily stipple bronzer and blush, creating an airbrushed finish which can be used for both cheeks and eyes. The angular design allows the brush to shape-shift between the creation of chiseled cheekbones or for setting crease free eyeshadows! 

The brush will also flawlessly finish cream or liquid foundations! A perfect precision instrument….we’re MAC for it!

Sigma Beauty FO3 High Cheekbone Highlighter 

The Kimmy-K effect has caused an unprecedented make up trend, but not all have subscribed. So if you have ever raised an on fleek eyebrow at the time or effort which contouring requires, this product is for you.

The Sigma Beauty FO3 High Cheekbone Highlighter, eliminates the application of cakey layers and instead invites you to highlight what God gave you. After all, they say self-love is true love and your bone structure was designed perfectly for you!

The brush boasts soft bristles which are designed to sweep highlighter or blush over the cheekbones, beautifully blending your products.

The Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush

A magician never reveals his secrets and if you have ever browsed the plethora of YouTube contouring tutorials, you may get the feeling you’re missing out on something. And you are, 

Choosing your weapons wisely when you want to execute a sharp contoured finish is paramount, to invest in the Surratt Artistique Highlight Brush.

Designed by a makeup master, the brush will create an even finish when being used for base coverage, contour or to highlight. Perfectly designed, the brush is easy to handle which aids the precise application of product. 

NB: Note that the brush is tapered towards the end, candle shaped if you like, this allows you to control how much blush or highlighter you are applying. Whilst misleading videos may promote large swathes of block color, a less is more mantra is preferable.

Bobbi Brown Angled Face Brush 

“Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow, there must be light”

As make up disciples, we love to spread a good news message and the Bobbi Brown Angled Face  brush has definitely shown us the light… 

Conquer coverage and control with this soft bristled brush. Cut on an angle the brush is ideal for highlighting the cheekbones, chin or forehead. What’s not to like?

Now go spread the word!


Elisabeth Stummer
Elisabeth Stummer

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