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5 Common Makeup Mistakes you only Notice in Daylight

by Rachel Esco November 06, 2017

5 Common Makeup Mistakes you only Notice in Daylight

A-listers?? WTH?!!

Yes, it does go round and if they can suffer makeup malfunctions, what chance have we mere mortals!

But it is easy to commit these avoidable blunders. You get up for your morning makeup ritual, go through all the motions, lotions and potions - topped with finishing spray (obviously) - and you then head out with your spirits high. It’s an empowering feeling… until, you see your handiwork in broad daylight. “Yikes! What happened?”

As many of us have disappointingly learned, lighting is everything when it comes to makeup.  So even if it looks decent indoors, the sunshine or spotlights won’t be so forgiving. Here are the top 5 dreaded makeup blunders you only notice in daylight.

Foundation mismatch

This is one of the most infamous makeup mistakes. When doing your makeup in the dimness of a poorly lit bathroom, you can rarely tell if your foundation is on point. Plus, sometimes the foundation oxidizes after a few hours, leaving you with a dull pinkish-orange tinge toward the end of the day

To prevent this problem, always test your foundation color on the palest part of your skin. This would be either on the inside of your wrist or the side of your neck. If it’s a match, it should disappear perfectly. Bravo! Then, and only then, should you commit to an exclusive long-term relationship with your foundation

Poorly blended product layers

When we’re on the go, we often don’t have time to blend and buff our products. Instead, we try to cut corners, applying our makeup with speedy dabs and swipes. The only problem is that the daylight always reveals a rush job

To get the job done right, using the right tools is essential for flawless blending - or at least nearly flawless. Invest in some high quality makeup brushes with soft, fluffy bristles to provide a smooth finish for your makeup.

Cakey textures

Makeup is meant to enhance, not mask. If you’re piled under a dewy or powdery mound of product, you are more makeup than face - not chic.

And while this faux pas certainly isn't your intention, the daylight exposes all.

The simplest solution is often difficult to accept - such as being conservative with the amount of product we use. And if you find this an absolute non-compromise, another way to get a smoother surface is to use hydrating primers from Smashbox or Makeup Forever - they are to die for!

Concealer abuse

Concealer is more of a delicate art than we think. During your home makeup routine, you might think you've erased those heinous under-eye shadows, but once you step outside, you’re left with visible dabs of peach pigment under your eyes.

The fix? When choosing a concealer, it must be assessed in daylight first. Also, be more mindful of your skin tone. If you’ve got a colder undertone, don’t go for overly strong orange-based concealers. It’ll show too much.

Get this one right and you'll do your fellow makeup disciples proud!

Disco ball face

Let there be light! But not too much… going overboard with your highlighter can create an artificial tin man effect (not that we blame you — we too can't get enough of the shiny stuff!). Yet, as with all good things like chocolate and vacation flings, it's best sampled in moderation.

The issue is that excessive highlighter is difficult to detect when indoors because indooor light poorly reflects on the shimmer.

So inadvertently, once those pearly sun rays shine over your highlight, you can resemble Edward Cullen’s bedazzled skin - not cool and certainly not glam.

Famous last words…

Makeup commandment 101, folks! When you’re indoors, makeup in the mirror may not be as lovely as it appears. So be mindful of these makeup mishaps to keep your daytime look fresh and flattering, and to prevent the makeup gods from smiting your brush tools with bad makeup karma.

Or if you want 100% assurance that your makeup is perfect in daylight, you can try the Spotlite HD Makeup Mirror specifcally designed with ingenious outdoor-type light, letting you truly detect flaws with your application before others do. It’s got the whole internet raving - something you might want to check out too?

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco

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