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5 New Must-have Makeup to sizzle this Holiday

by Rachel Esco December 06, 2017

5 New Must-have Makeup to sizzle this Holiday

Feeling fall makeup fever? There’s something special about this colorful season that makes us want to hungrily charge into Sephora as if we’ve been glamor-starved and stranded for the last week (god-forbid). From plum liquid lipstick to bronze shadows, this season’s rich with new makeup to try. So whether you’re a glutton for glitter or simply crave an upgrade from your typical routine, these products are heaven for experimentation. And don’t worry, you can’t go to hell for cheating on your current makeup go-tos, but we can’t promise you won’t be tempted to sell your soul for them.

Huda Beauty: Faux Filter Foundation

Does your complexion need a boost? To beat those pale-faced blues, Huda’s hot new foundation is like caffeine for your face, perking you up with flawless color in just one application.

With its high-powered camouflage effects, this foundation hides blemishes, conceals imperfections and brightens dark circles. Need we ask for more? But surprise, there’s MORE! Available in 30 luscious shades, you don’t have to worry about fumbling around in the department store like a frenzied artist struggling to find the right color. Leave it to Huda to know exactly what we need!

Fenty Beauty: Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick

Become a horoscope expert because this lipstick range is meant to be your HG.

Combining the twinkle dust effect of stars and a creamy metallic finish, this shimmering lip color sends your lips into the next dimension of smoochness. So, for any lipstick lover who’s been praying for something other than matte, we’ve finally been blessed with a much-needed change (#makeupgoals).

The range offers four lustrous limited-edition shades, each offering a jewel chrome sheen that can be layered for more intergalactic intensity. It’s made with a super creamy texture, giving long-lasting moisture for all-night glitz.

Fenty Beauty: Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

We won’t apologize for double-dipping in the same brand because they have earned their stripes as an innovative brand therefore deserving of our respect. As one of the most raved-about and vlogged-about new products, their Galaxy Eye shadow palette is a must-have.Looks like ’“Shine bright like a diamond” takes on a whole new meaning! With 14 star-dusted shades, it’s like rocketfire for your eyes, triple the sparkle and come-hither powers. It’s a rich color spectrum, unlike your usual go-to browns and charcoals, which are designed for out-of-this-world dimension. From celestial gold on mint to bold, sparkling peach, it’s basically like bling for your eyes. Now you can enjoy double the trouble when you’re rocking that come-hither stare.

Two Faced: Clover Eyeshadow Palette

...And no, you don't need to be a puppy person to fall in love with this absolutely adorable creation! The new Two Faced palette is Inspired by the brand’s mini Chihuahua mascot, featuring 18 BRAND NEW matte and shimmer shades in exclusive Clover packaging. You’ll fall in puppy love with them!

The palette includes their signature Glamour Guide, teaching you to play with an array of fall colors to unleash your inner MUA. You can get as experimental as you like, using the coffee-colored mattes to dress up your typical, coffee-binging day, and the metallic ones for evening cocktail hour. Extra bonus points for versatility!

Urban Decay: Naked Heat Palette

We all fell head over heels in love when Urban Decay came out with their better-than-sex nudes. Known for their unparalleled long-lasting power, they’ll stay put most likely through highway cruising (with the top down), rain storms and even your token monthly sulk in the bathroom. So, how happy were we when Urban Decay released their Heat version?

Designed with romantic amber-hued colors, including toasty browns, burnt siennas and tanned oranges.  It’s the same naked theme we all know and adore, but now slightly better-- with a tan!

Now, you go slay at that party!!

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco

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