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"Made-For-Me" Makeup ... Just Because...

by Andrea Alli April 25, 2018

The culture of customized cosmetics continues to grow and for valid reasons. From personalized perfumes to custom lotions, our appetite for everything unique has reached fever pitch and brands are paying attention.

So, if you have ever been baffled whilst buying makeup, a new tone is being set for a more inclusive and diverse makeup offering.

In the late 70s some well-known brands flirted with a similar concept, but we weren’t ready, so it just …fizzled out. But the seduction of “made-for-me” was too great to resist and now, it’s back again, this time, to stay.

But…do personalized makeup equal pretty penny prices?

NO! It would figure that price tags would be hefty for something specifically made for you, yet whilst some of the products can’t be considered as budget buys, overall they can be easier on the purse strings than most think!

For example, how often have you bought a multi shade eye palette when you really only use 2-3 colors? Individually the items may be more expensive but you won’t waste money (or valuable storage real estate) on products you will never use!

We have decided to glam and tell, so check out our best of breed. First stop; bespoke foundation…


Custom-Made Foundation by Lancome

Praise the gods of Lancome for throwing us a cosmetic curve ball with the introduction of their Custom-Made Foundation. In their words; a machine that scans your exact skin tone, and produces a foundation to match your shade, in a totally unique and personalized service.

What sorcery? you might wonder. The skincare scanner is not gimmicky gadgetry but designed to assess all the undertones and overtones which make up the pigments in your skin. Based on the results, a recommendation for your perfect shade is made. Could it be time for a makeup bag edit?

The Ordinary by DECIMEN

Admittedly a little more off the shelf than some other brands, both the Coverage and  Serum Foundation come in a vast array of shades and at a price of just 7 dollars per bottle, these are must have complexion perfecters. High coverage products, designed to go the distance - promising up to seven hours of coverage!

Foundation Mixers by Nip + Fab

Nobody knows you, like you! Simple fact! So whilst skin scanners and shade charts might be prepared to design the foundation of your dreams, your own personal touch brings something magic to the mix.

And that is exactly what the Nip + Fab Foundation Mixer range invites you to do. In their words; Simply add a small drop to your usual foundation shade and mix together to your desired foundation shade. And voila, no more need for multiple foundation shades for the different seasons!

The foundation is available in a total of ten shades, with lighter and darker mixers enabling you to blend to your own skin color. A unique finish every time…Praise the pigment.

And finally, Fenty

Of course we cannot do a true bespoke makeup blog without paying homage to the front-runners in “inclusive beauty” - Fenty! If you have not yet heard of Rhianna’s makeup brand, where have you been? With over 20 ground-breaking shades of matte foundation just waiting to be discovered….waste no more time!

Andrea Alli
Andrea Alli

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