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by Rachel Esco November 19, 2017


Hey makeup minions! As we congregate today over our love of makeup, we’ll be focusing on the hottest new beauty must-have: magnetic lashes!

They’re heaven-sent for anyone who’s ever been frustrated with the struggles of gluey fingers, the setbacks of bad measuring and the mother of all false lashes sins - wonky results. Mastering this slippery art of false lash application can be a challenge and we get it! And even if you can’t relate, and you’re among those rare few who can apply lashes like an energizer diva, there are perfectly good reasons you should still consider the magnetic versions; they’re cheaper, more durable and arguably easier.

We at JOI are buzzing with the excitement about this innovation and we’ve taken the time to evaluate opinions within the beauty community to help you decide whether they truly deserve a place on your beauty alter.

What does the press have to say?

Allure is fully on board with magnetic lashes. They love the idea of no longer having to pluck dried glue from your lids. In their review, they recommend the ones by One Two Cosmetics featuring chic kits that offer original, bold, and accent versions. Cost-wise, they run about $60 per set, but when you “factor in the reusability factor”, as they put it, they’re a steal. 

Hello Giggles agrees whole-heartedly about the savings benefits. “Now, you won’t have to feel weird about spending money on fake lashes you’re just going to throw in the trash (or lose) later on.” Glamour also applauds this affordable innovation, but also acknowledges that using them is a learning curve. As beauty expert Sara Gaynes reveals, “The hardest part for me was keeping the top strip lined up with my outer lashes.” She recommends practicing your application skills to get it right.

Let’s hear from the beauty vloggers

Chloe Morello is all smiles about the magnetic lash trend, but once again, since they’re a new invention, she sees that it needs improvement. As the magnet strip is tricky to line up with your lash line, the gap between your natural lash line and the fake lashes are noticeable from close up. On the positive side, they’re stunning from farther away-- so maybe until the design is upgraded, it’s just a better at night type of deal? In any case, she demonstrates that by practicing your application technique, you can find the right fit.

Safiya Nygaard also struggled slightly with her magnetic lashes. But after a bunch of awkward re-dos and some eye-poking, she was able to line up the magnets somewhat closely to her lash line. Her performance is unlike many of the other “how to” videos for magnetic lashes because in all seriousness, she doesn’t make it look easy. Maybe it’s possible that the fit depends on your eye size and shape?

On the other hand, beauty guru Stephanie Lange raves about the magnetic lashes, barely containing her excitement. She recommend using them over mascara to create a double-enhanced look and emphasizes the bonus of their glue-free stick, which is ideal for people with chemical sensitivities. This means no more burning eyes! The ladies at Vital Updates agree with Stephanie Lange, warning against using cheap, poorly made versions that don’t offer the same luxurious effect.


As we evaluate the pros and cons, the verdict seems to be that magnetic lashes are generally awesome, but with a catch: they’re not that easy to apply and need practice. Yet, like all great beauty innovations, new products need more time and development to iron out the flaws. Remember the early days of the Beauty Blender? Exactly - thing is, it’s so common-place now that we’ve all forgotten the frustrations of poor blending we put up with at the start. Our perseverance allowed the improvements to catch on so that they’ve now become the holy-grail of our makeup application tools. So overall, we do recommend magnetic lashes to any falsie addict looking to satisfy their fix - glue free!

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco

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