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Makeup Addicts Anonymous

by Andrea Alli May 25, 2018

Makeup Addicts Anonymous

“Hello. My name is ______________, and I am a fully paid-up and self-confessed makeup addict! Furthermore, I have no desire to quit! However, I do need some help…"

To makeup addicts everywhere, we feel your pain, your struggle is real. It starts with the 'where'? Perhaps there is no space in the bedroom, the bathroom is humid and unfortunately you don’t have the luxury of an extensive vanity table.

Then there is the 'how'! This is not just about the endless array of 'solutions' that deny you access to your treasured Trophy Wife just when you need it. No. It’s also about that crucial decision of whether to sort by product, size or by brand?

And seemingly there is no “12 step” solution to help…And it is not like we haven’t tried!

Makeup Mayhem

As self-confessed product hoarders with an appetite which seemingly can’t be quelled, makeup mayhem is a daily battle.

Yeah, we got the memo, clean out and trim down they told us! What??!! Clean out? Trim down?

Listen and hear us, we need all the products and that’s why we bought them in the first place. We might not be using them right now, but we know in case of emergency, break open and unleash that Ziggy Stardust Silver Metallic! Plus all 50 nude shades of lipstick in our collection is different. Okay!

Hands up, who broke the next commandment? Store it so you can see it!

Whoever suggested this totally underestimated the size of a makeup junkie’s collection or the size of the apartment we live in (makeup is expensive and we must indulge). I mean we are on the verge of challenging the MAC counter with our collections, so come on….up your game please!

Brushes up!

Ok when it comes to makeup brushes it is a little easier. Always place facing upwards to protect the bristles! We can do that easily …although we are going to need more containers, many more. Ever heard of anyone with 1 makeup brush? Neither have we!

Now don’t be mistaken. As makeup hoarders we don’t have a toss it all in a drawer type mentality! Oh no!! It cost us a fortune to create our enviable makeup haul. So, it goes without saying that we value our products and want to keep them in optimum condition! We just don’t know how!

We’ve tried and tested 'professional' solutions but have not been suitably impressed, with the lack of space being the biggest problem. You see we are not makeup professionals and we have not spent time editing our collection, we need it all.

We have also tried and tested all the quirky suggestions for cutesy makeup organizers including jam jar wall mounts, roll up sushi matt brush holders and wall hung magnetic boards??…..Holy Shimmer and you wonder why we despair!

Oh makeup lord hear our prayers, send us the solution!

To the rescue … See Me, the makeup and jewelry tamer!

Introducing SEE ME! Your makeup organizer and tamer. The real challenger and game changer. Designed to tame not trim because we know you love them all - and we’re not one to deny you your obsession.

At JOI, we’ve seen your despair and woven our usual magic to bring you the ultimate solution you’ve asked for. See Me was designed for you and you only, because one size does not fit all.

No longer will you have to bear the pains of stuffing your treasures in cramped boxes and putting up with drawers you can’t see into or too awkward to access. We’re talking the mother of all organizers here girlfriends. The organizers that let you keep it all!

Just imagine the freedom to hoard to your hearts content. Yes, get excited because there’s every reason to be. Now hold that thought because we’re working away behind the scenes for the big reveal very soon. Make sure you sign up to be in the know.

Andrea Alli
Andrea Alli

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