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Makeup Trends for Fall from Instagram MUAs

by Rachel Esco October 25, 2017

Makeup Trends for Fall from Instagram MUAs

Hey makeup minions! As we commune today to bond over the religion of makeupism, we’ll take some time to pay our respects to the latest fall makeup trends. And for some of you, it’s also a chance to reflect on your recent makeup sins, be it skipping primer or forgetting to clean your brushes. Then, when ready for your fresh dose of beauty guidance, we’ll all refer to page 1 of our makeup bibles (A.K,A Instagram), to see what our MUA prodigies have in store. Excited to discover this season’s hottest looks? Fortunately for you, we always glam and tell!

Pale skin & burgundy lips

Caroline Torbahn

Embracing all the goop and texture of makeup, Caroline Torbahn is a true Da Vinci when it comes to being creative. She works with both hair and makeup, travelling all over Europe to work with various international lifestyle magazines and commercial clients.

Recently, on Instagram, she’s been noticeably enthusiastic about the pale skin trend. As she skillfully shows, this season is all about embracing your natural skin tone, veering away from the heavy bronze craze of the early 2000’s. She also accents the looks with a romantic dark burgundy lip, creating an edgy and slightly vampiric kind of sexiness.

When trying out paler skin, don’t forget to use a little color on your cheeks-- we're aiming for royally fair, not creepishly corpse-like. There’s some grace in a nude face, but way more rush in blush-- makeup commandment 101, folks!

Soft, feathery  brows

Rob Scheppy

He’s a household favorite among the Kardashians, Rob Scheppy is a worship-worthy master of camera-friendly makeup. Not only is he 390K followers strong, but his celeb-status has earned him magazine covers with the ranks of Vogue among many others.

If you’re following his work, you’ll notice that he’s been all over the feathered brow trend. This season, brows are less, shall we say, “fleeky” and more soft and natural. And how are people reacting to this change? The general consensus is positive; and to be honest, it seems we’ve all had enough of intense, overdrawn brows. Next!

Mauve lips & cheeks

Stephanie Lange

Famous for her shocking contouring powers, Stephanie Lange is a show-stopper when it comes to creating selfie-perfect makeup. In minutes, she can turn her features into a glistening, sculpted work of art.

Lately, Stephanie has been going gaga for mauve lips and cheeks. Big this fall, mauve is the color of sophistication and subtlety. She applies it to her lips, in a matte version, and uses a sheer version for her cheeks, along with a silvery highlight that completely sexifies her skin-- holy shimmer!

Semi-nude or statement lip

Hung Vanngo

Hung Vanngo’s talent leaves us in awe. As the world’s most prestigious fashion photographers and editors, his work is craved by Hollywood’s finest, including stars like Emily O’Hara, Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth.

He shows us, quite brilliantly, this fall’s major lip looks, which he showcased all over his Instagram. We now have the choice of being natural or daring, either by going for a semi nude lip or an all-out blast of color. Plum and blood red are the top color choices right now-- and WOW, can we all just take a moment to say, “praise the pigment!”.

Bright liquid eye shadows

Ariel Diaz

Known as the cosmetic illusionist, Ariel Diaz is a full-on beauty king. Ruling the MUA world with his 572K followers, his work is truly extraordinary. He can visually sculpt and strobe his face, turning himself into an aesthetic masterpiece.

Ariel is always up-to-the-minute with the newest makeup trends. So it’s no surprise that he’s on board with using bold, bright liquid eye shadows, especially turquoise and orange. It’s the coolest statement you can now make with your eyes-- well, other than the hungry come-hither stare you give to the cutie across the room.

Feeling anxious to visit a beauty supply store ASAP? We don’t blame you! Makeup disciples everywhere are running to try these looks and stay on top of what’s hot. And not forgetting that no makeup game is complete without the right tools, one of these essentials is an illuminating lighted makeup mirror that reveals all flaws helping you slay these looks like a pro. This fall has so many incredible trends to try, giving us yet another reason to praise the makeup gods. Amen!

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco

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