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Male MUAs Killing It In The Makeup Game

by Elisabeth Stummer January 30, 2018

Male MUAs Killing It In The Makeup Game

Boys will be boys! Those boys being the likes of Jeffree Star, Manny MUA and Bretmam Rock who have amassed millions of social media followers and proved that men and makeup is certainly no drag…

At JOI, we totally love male MUAs! They have come a long way from the days of drag makeup (mind you, we love drag makeup too!) to proving their mastery over and claiming their place in the mainstream makeup game. From their blunt honesty, to their no-bounds creativity and right up to their flamboyance, we are totally in awe of them and millions worship at their feet daily!

Here’s our top 4 male MUAs you should pay attention to…

Jeffree Starr

With over 6 million subscribers and a spin off beauty range, he is the true god of cross-gender makeup. Whether it’s done with a contouring brush in hand or during a shout out to somebody who may be throwing shade his way, women love the drama that Jeffree brings to his videos. But he offers more than that…

Admittedly he is an accomplished make-up artist but he also gives women exactly what they want… the truth! The brand or celebrity endorsement of a product means nothing to Starr…if the product is substandard or just not worth the hype it’s attracting, he is gonna call it out! Jeffree Star is all about transparency with a dash of entertainment, a formula which just works…

Manny MUA

Business partner to the fore mentioned Star, Manny MUA lays claim to being the first male ambassador for Maybelline! Self described as a boy beauty blogger, Manny MUA has racked up over 4 million subscribers and shows no signs of stopping.

At the back end of 2017, it was announced that Manny would be behind a new beauty brand launch. Leading where others follow when it comes to inclusivity the products are widely expected to be racially inclusive, whilst encouraging men to dabble their blending brush with a little make-up experimentation.

Wayne Goss

Now let’s straighten one thing up here. There’s no discrimination when it comes to male MUAs and Wayne Goss gender blends beautifully with winning tutorials which appeal to both sexes.

The statistics speak for themselves, over 3 million subscribers, a Kimmy K inspired tutorial with over 11 million hits and a make up brush range which sold out in just five minutes! Yes Wayne Goss really could be changing the face of make up one application at a time.

Check out the trending guyliner tutorial. His wordage is refreshing. Messy, nasty, filthy, clumpy..who cares? Is there a new makeup era dawning?  Freeing women from the pressures of perfection, whilst encouraging men to become the very best versions of themselves, whilst retaining a somewhat rugged edge?

Bretman Rock

Following on from the ethos that male MUAs could be responsible for unshackling us from the beauty norms, we introduce Bretman Rock. His presentation style is funny and he reminds both men and women what makeup should be all about; fun!

Of course everyone was quick to jump on the Fenty Beauty band wagon and put out a product review, but Bretman did it like a boss…his words of course! Whilst reviewing the items, he was keen to educate about the “bad bitch” aroma of the new foundation. The end results? He apparently just looked so ……bleep, bleep good!

Why do we love him? I think for women he is simply just putting the enjoyment back into makeup and for men, he makes it OK to play about with product, what’s not to like?

Elisabeth Stummer
Elisabeth Stummer

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