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The Rise & Rise of Influencer Makeup Brands

by Rachel Esco November 12, 2017

The Rise & Rise of Influencer Makeup Brands

They came, they saw, they conquered Instagram. Making the religion of makeup even more glorious and addictive, these prodigies fascinate us with their unique looks and mastery over pigment. So naturally, they deserve their own makeup brands. It’s genius, really; makeup designed by addicts for addicts! But like any innovation, there’s always those non-believers, the rare few who see influencer makeup brands as part of the media gimmick bandwagon. Well they’re super wrong. Here’s why!

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is not just a makeup artist, she’s one of the world’s top beauty influencers. This Iraqi born beauty grew up in the US and has risen to fame thanks to her bold Kardashian-esque looks (seriously though, with her olive complexion and long dark hair, she could be the fourth Kardashian sister).

The beauty blogger is wowing millions around the world with her incredible makeup hacks and most notably, her successful line of makeup, Huda Beauty. Just like her reputation, her makeup lines is known for honesty. As Huda explains, “I feel I have a responsibility towards women...I am putting the same honesty and selection into my own product development.” It’s her passion and sky-high standards that keeps Huda Beauty in the upper ranks of our favourite brands.

Jeffree Star

If there’s anyone who sees makeup as a universal language, it’s Jeffree Star. With artistry in his blood, he understands the soul of makeup as a lifelong exploration of ourselves. Amen to that!

He stands as a role model for anyone who grew up mesmerized by the glam faces on magazine covers or compelled to steal their mother’s eye shadows. Guilty, anyone?

His line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a testament to his legacy. Unlike your standard makeup brands, Jeffree Star takes all the cliche out of his products. Instead, we get radical colors and textures that truly meets its hype. It’s genuinely one of those “holy shimmer!” moments!

Manny MUA

Manny MUA is a glowing reminder that makeup brings us together. Being the first ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline, he sparked a movement that inspired us to embrace makeup as a limitless and inclusive entity, welcoming all genders, non-genders and other.

He began his career from humble beginnings, working at Sephora and MAC, but went on to fulfill his destiny as a serious makeup prodigy. He’s collaborated with Makeup Geek on an eye-shadow palette that took the internet by storm. Designed with dreamy sunset hues, these pigments are 100% worship-worthy. Praise the pigment!

Jacklyn Hill

Beauty vlogger Jacklyn Hill is the queen of makeup dos and do nots. With an enormous following, she’s among the most notable beauty gurus on YouTube. Look to her wisdom, a trusted source of insight, to choose the best highlighters and pigments. 

It’s no surprise that Morphe collaborated with her to design a massive 35 color eye shadow palette. In accordance with Jackyn’s vision, these colors are richer than we could ever imagine. Leave it to her to exceed our expectations! Well done.

Nikkie Tutorial

Not your average beauty vlogger next door, Nikkie Tutorial is like the first testament of makeup. Her You Tube videos rose to fame when her amazing transformative powers started going viral. Not before long, the entire internet was smitten, but mostly it was her fellow makeup disciples who became obsessed with her extraordinary talents.

To share her gifts, Nikkie collaborated with Ofra Cosmetics to launch a new line of makeup. The products celebrate her skillful artistry and "no-rules" approach to makeup. Afterall, makeupism is a religion without borders.

Our continued obsession with these makeup heroes ensure this trend is here to stay - and why the hell not. Afterall, they are the true gods of makeup that inspire us to keep up with the ever-changing art.

Now go paint your face like no one’s watching!

Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco

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