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The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide To The Perfect HD Makeup

by Elisabeth Stummer February 11, 2018

The Ultimate No Nonsense Guide To The Perfect HD  Makeup

There is no denying the era of self-celebration: it is here and now. Living life in front of a lens was once reserved for Hollywood types, but now we are all under the same scrutiny and worst of all…it is in High Definition!

Of course Hollywood is no stranger to two faces and with the rise of HD, there was a further dimension with which to deal with!

What is HD Makeup?

HD makeup products include everything from powders to primers! In the modern world, we are the stars of our own reality shows and so we need to present the best versions of ourselves, day in, nights out! HD products differ from conventional make up brands, by offering full but light coverage, which bounces the light and results in radiant complexions.

Flawless Absolutely Flawless

The “more is more” makeup mantra of a movie star, has long been left behind. The pancakey residue literally airbrushed away. Yet the ability to suspend reality with a stealthy flawless finish remains…but how?

Maybe she’s born with it? Or so they would have us believe, but is the secret finally out? Introducing Temptu…photoshop for your face!

Proving that advances in technology don’t need to translate to an onslaught of magnified pores and wrinkles, Temptu is a cordless airbrushing device, which leaves you with the skin you crave! Whilst earlier Temptu products were harshly criticized for being heavy and noisy, newer versions are compact and suitable for everyday use. A cutting-edge brand which is also racially inclusive, with foundation shades covering a wide spectrum from porcelain to espresso!

Budget Productions

Of course it is highly unlikely that your own particular reality show is being bank rolled by the likes of NBC! And as a budget production, price is a consideration. Investing in HD makeup need not be bank breaking, as this Mehron Celebre Pro HD Makeup Foundation proves. Designed to leave the skin dewy and glowing, the product can be gradually built up to achieve the desired finish. Additionally, the product is packed with goodies such as vitaminE, pomegranate and aloe vera, which blurs any unwanted blemish or blush.


An on-point makeup moment indoors, often translates badly under the glare of the midday sun. A problem that Cargo’s Blu Ray products address with their HD Picture Perfect Blush and Highlighter. Formulated with photo-chromatic pigments, the product changes shade when exposed to different lights…allowing yourself to shape shift into a better version of yourself, wherever you may be!

Spotlite HD Makeup Mirror

Final note! HD foundation products and airbrushed complexions may seem like the fail safe way to create a flawless finish, but a Spotlite HD helping hand mirror is something you may well be prepared to sell your soul for. Time for a confession…at some time we have all created our look in a dimly lit bathroom whilst praying to the makeup gods that we blended correctly, right? Time to limit the risk! A Spotlite HD illuminates every part of your face so that you expertly contour, highlight and blend your makeup. Be ready for your close up all day, every day!

Elisabeth Stummer
Elisabeth Stummer

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