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Colour Pop Eyeliner

May 28, 2019 2 min read

Colour Pop Eyeliner

A sure-fire way to give your peepers some extra pizzazz for spring? Bright and colourful eye liner. Here’s how to break free from classic black kohl…

Coloured liner may not be a new invention, but spring is the perfect time to experiment with fresh and unexpected shades. Plus, let’s face it, when most days we’re sticking to black and brown eye liner, a pop of colour is a total breath of fresh air!

Even just switching up your day look to a navy liner can give eye makeup an edge, but why not take it really fashion-forward and play around with citrus shades, bright blues and even coral? The awards season is always the place to spot upcoming trends, and colour-pop liner and eye shadow combinations were rocked by stars including Saoirse Ronan and Lupita Nyong’o. And, much as we love classic Hollywood glamour, a more playful take on red carpet beauty certainly caught our attention.

A bronze eyeliner, instead of black or brown, is a modern but easy way to switch it up, but if you’re feeling in an all-or-nothing kinda mood then go for eye-catching rainbow shades. US brand Colourpop’s new liquid liners and matching mascaras (with shipping available to the UK) are on every makeup lover’s wish list right now, and we’re also loving the great-value Nyx Off Tropic Pro Linerrange, which comes in five vibrant colours that dry to a modern matte finish. Got a stash of coloured shadows you never use? If you’re a dab hand with a liner brush, try applying colour-pop eye shadow wet in a Spotlite HD 2.0 makeup mirror for a trend-setting, bold eye look.

Even more reason to love this twist on liner is that you can keep skin and lips super simple and minimal – just let the eyes steal the show!


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